Save Up to 50% Energy Over CFLS
Save Up to 50% Energy Over CFLS

About Company

Ostron Electronics Private Limited came into existence in 2015 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. We are specialized in research and development of Led lightening and are the leading and efficient led light and LED street light manufacturer Lucknow, India. We always strive to keep pace with the rapid-developing virtual reality and lighting technologies.Ostron is all about to serve with enhanced technological innovations and improved lighting experiences with significant performance and value to our customers.

To add to our growth and development, we have instituted as Ostron VR Company in India to impart our services in virtual reality too and have come up with innovative Google cardboard, VR headset and VR glasses in India. You can check our website for more details..

Our Vision

The company is more user oriented and believes in the satisfaction of the user at every level. The sheer amount of dedication involved for innovation at Ostron is what makes us different from the rest. Ostron is known widely as a kingpin in the Virtual Reality world. The company’s domain lies in LED lighting & virtual reality as well. The company is a deemed innovator and manufacturer of VR headsets in India. With our environmentally friendly approach, we aim to revolutionize the concept of Virtual reality by catering the needs of the newer generation. The high quality of product & services that Ostron offers is unmatched. We are a top-notch provider amidst the other VR Companies in India. Innovation resides in the roots of the company, what comes as a great news is that you receive out of the box IT solutions too when you partner with us. With a dedicated team available, we can ensure an unprecedented growth to your company.

Events & Mentions

IIT Madras event:

Ostron electronics in association with IIT Madras organised a workshop for the people to experience the touch of the revolutionary Virtual reality. The workshop was conducted under the Shaastra technical fest of the IIT Madras, the event saw a humongous participation of over 1000 plus users amidst the region. The workshop was a part of “The Hindu car free Sunday” as well. Ostron was the provider of the Virtual Headsets in the fest and company received a humble applause for the same. We provided the users with the best under our vision of innovation and the user satisfaction as well.

IIT -Delhi event:

The IIT Delhi partnered with the Ostron Electronic as their Virtual reality partner. The company is now the official provider of the VR Headsets in the Tryst’17 fest of the IIT Delhi. The prestigious partnership between the IIT Delhi & Ostron Electronics signifies the level of product, support & services we offer. The company has revolutionized the concept of Virtual reality and today Ostron Electronics is the leading giant amidst the VR/AR companies in India. The VR headset in India has a commendable potential, we at Ostron cater it to the core

NIT Delhi Event:

Ostron electronics is the key leader in the Virtual reality segment in the country. We were a grand part of NIT Delhi’s prestigious TerraTechnicia fest. The event was observed as the win-win for the technology at every end. The Ostron was the Virtual reality partner of the event and we received a huge round of applause from the general users. The products and services offered were unmatched, we look forward to catering more in upcoming future expedites.